What does the blog's title mean? No, it doesn't mean that Brno residents are bored and boring all the time. The title was inspired by the Czech director Vladimír Morávek's film Nuda v Brně, released 2003. The title translates as "Boredom in Brno" (it was called something like "Sex in the City" in German), though the similarity of nuda and nude exists too in Czech and brings various connotations to the film's Czech title.

Being the "second city" of the Czech Republic, Brno usually gets the short end of the stick, particularly when compared with Prague, the Czech Republic's capital. Brno is smaller, it doesn't have any mediaeval architecture, it has fewer museums and galleries, and it doesn't have a metro. In Czech (mostly in Prague I think), you occasionally even hear people describe undesired results or outcomes as "mistakes like Brno." But it really isn't so bad (or boring) in Brno. The city is just less well known. So in addition to broadcasting my life to you, I'm hoping that this blog provides a testament to another reality: Brno is a burgeoning metropolis with an exciting and vibrant cultural life. (Of course, I'll be mostly focusing on music since I'm chauvinistic that way, but nonetheless...)

There's always the possibility that this blog will be proof that Brno really is boring, but I'll withold any more musings on that topic for the moment.

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Anonymous Gabriel said . . .

After being in Brno myself i dont think it's boring. It's one of those large spread out cities that is made up of other cities that have been eaten up over time. It takes a long time to get into the groove of that kind of city. (in my experience anyway)
As always, best-o-luck brother. Enjoy your time as best you can!    

5:13 AM, October 18, 2006

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