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To Visit Brno

Being too lazy to write anything this morning, I want to draw your attention to a great introduction to Brno at the Four Bees blog. Four Bees always has great food and restaurant reviews from Budapest, and also Bratislava, Bruxelles, and is great for fun reads. (This review of a Budapest vegetarian option made my mouth water! I'm afraid I haven't yet found a good falafel place or salad bar here.)

I didn't know until recently, but Four Bees also has a soft spot for Brno! The recent Brno post will make you want to visit, too. While a great introduction for any visitor, the essay has some great insight into the urban character of Brno:
Brno is not the elusive 'next Prague'.

Along with 'shimmering sunsets' and 'bustling old town centres' this clichéd label hangs like a dead weight on many towns, some deserving, some dreading. . . .

Brno will never be the new Prague, and, knowing Brno, it doesn't want to be. Brno is very much its own town.

A vibrant yet traditional Czech city, this capital of Moravia has stunning architecture to match big Bohemian sister Prague, a gorgeous lake a tram ride away and, despite the name sounding a bit brown and dull, Brno has an exciting, beery bar scene, but without the heaving crowds.

Click to read more Brno: The City of Laughter and Forgetting.

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Blogger Forbies said . . .

This comment doesn't bore me in the slightest!
Thank you for the link to FourBees blog. You made this bee's day.
Only wish I were whooping it up in the Spalicek instead of sitting in a Bruxelles garret.
Nuda v Brne is the bee's knees.
diky! La Grande Abeille.    

10:53 AM, September 18, 2006

Blogger morskyjezek said . . .

Glad you enjoyed it! :-)

For those who haven't seen it in person, the picture is of the (in)famous Brno dragon. Although it's only a crocodile, there are legends about it terrorizing the waterways around Brno, particularly the Svratka river. Fortunately a clever boy saves the defenseless residents (and mostly the Czech maidens on local farms, I suppose) in all the legends.    

10:38 PM, September 25, 2006

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