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The Record!

Just a thank you to let you know that I have now recorded more visitors in November 2006 than in any previous month. So, thanks for reading even though you may think I've fallen out of the blogosphere. I'm still here!

I've been out of town a lot, taken a lot of pictures, and done a lot of things that should have been featured on the blog. But instead, I will pose a question before I leave for another trip tomorrow.

When you go to an interview, it's always good to have a few stock phrases laid up for those slow moments. Like before things have really got going or when you're stepping out the door and don't know what to say. But often the people you're talking with have their own comments. So, how does one respond to:

"My goodness, this is all so professional. What a beautiful tripod."

Is that sarcasm? Is it like, is that a beautiful tripod or are you just glad to be here? What do you say in response?

Is this where a simple "thanks" will suffice, or does it require something more? Like, "yes, I've been slaving away all day on that. It took me a while to figure out it needed an extra leg." "It was a gift from my grandfather on his death bed." "thanks, it's a genuine titanium-coated balsa wood product made in South America. I ordered it specially."

You have to be prepared for these things.



Blogger Hubert said . . .

This comment has been removed by the author.    

6:17 AM, November 30, 2006

Blogger Hubert said . . .

I think in America we're taught that style and function are separate entities and as consumers one shouldn't confuse one with the other, but that message hasn't seeped across here, especially with regards to technological gadgets. A bit too many people here still awe at the sleek design of the Apple Mac iBooks, and someone noted my USB port ('wow, it's so [cool]'). So I don't know what is the best solution to all of this ... probably just "Yeah, it was made by slave laborers in Western China for 5 Kc an hour."    

6:18 AM, November 30, 2006

Blogger tuckova said . . .

If the item is, in your opinion, nothing special: "thanks"

If it really is worth commenting on, then: a slight blushy-type smile of pride and "thanks"

Anything more than that and you risk turning the focus on yourself, right?    

3:06 PM, November 30, 2006

Blogger Karla said . . .

I don't think ZL was actually being sarcastic or ironic when she admired the tripod, but it was indeed rather surprising.

I suppose you could have said that it was the star of your tripod collection and you had chosen it specially for the occasion. Maybe she had noticed that I couldn't figure out how to extend its legs. (With my tripod, the procedure is just to yank on the legs until they give in.)    

12:36 AM, December 01, 2006

Blogger DTMRacerX said . . .

I agree with Karla; doesn't seem sarcastic. But it doesn't seem to be a logical phrase either. It sounds more like ADHD or something...

I think I would stick with the "made for 5Kc an hour" bit. I like the sounds of it best. LOL    

2:43 AM, December 01, 2006

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