Arms Race

31 May 2007
No doubt others have noted this, but after talking with a friend yesterday about the apalling lack of attention and debate about American arms buildups in Europe, I'm glad to see that the BBC has at least carried a story on their main page about Putin's response.

Radio Prague mentions Bush's visit to Prague early next week.

Visual: Bush's limousine at Prague Castle during his visit in November 2002 (source).

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Poetry of Teaching

So you want to be a college teacher? Think of all the fun things you get to do! (We think a lot.) And sometimes you even get to write fun collaborative poems about it with your friends. Like this:

Life\Work Balance, we ask
What is the fulcrum of faculty life?
I don't know what the fulcrum of faculty life is,
I don't think there is a great way to balance it all.
Yet, I continue down the path of academic life,
hopeful that job fulfilment will come at all.
But if it doesn't, I won't mind
I'll take an industry job and leave this behind [lucky engineers!]
So, then the question is not teaching or research
but figuring out a place to get a better life!
Is it appropriate to base quality of life on proximity to the beach?
Surely warm waves and sandy beaches is conducive to creative thought.

A nod to livejournal:
Music: Tobias Picker, Old and Lost Rivers (1986)

Beware White Tie and Tails

09 May 2007
I just couldn't resist - how can W not be comfortable at white-tie dinners? I know there was Texas, but the whole Ivy League thing, etc...

If he listened to NPR, perhaps he'd be better prepared!

Check out the White House photo essay. God save the Queen, eh?

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