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That'll Teach Ya

I didn't check email for a week. So much of import has happened while I was gone. It was astonishing! And it only took one, two, three-plus hours.

Just a smattering of things that I missed:
  • performances of the "first New World Opera" in Ann Arbor, Michigan
  • symposium in connection with above event
  • job offers in Tashkent, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan [insert your favorite Central-Asian city here]
  • plans to organize a lunch with a senior musicologist (only six time zones away)
  • a faculty meeting that graduate students couldn't go to anyway
  • organizing a meeting of a transportation committee in Ann Arbor
  • a series of job talks by anthropologists in, you guessed, Ann Arbor
  • CfPs for a number of international conferences and the Society for Ethnomusicology reminders
  • an art opening in Brno
  • sales at amazon
  • "coffee" with my congressional representative in upper Michigan
  • a missed dinner date at Masaryk in Brno
  • a curious "Graduate Student Dance Party" in A2, allegedly free
  • chances to save my account at Comerica bank, where I never had an account
  • unsolicited answers to personal ads that were never placed
  • a movie that showed five days ago
  • "Graduate student government" re-election campaigns
  • information about joining the Peace Corps
  • a changed meeting plan for, well, you get the idea...

I almost get the feeling that, had I been there to respond, I might have been able to help with something. Reorganize a meeting, perhaps? Help someone find an optometrist in a city where I do not live? Help cure AIDS? So many missed opportunities to be a good samaritan. Alas. That's the joy of checking email every&*)^#%&day.

In honor of being an email curmudgeon, I started a blog email address. You know, to increase credibility. You can find it by clicking on "email me" in the right-hand sidebar. Perhaps I can get out a few phishing scams, offer personal services, sell cheap Canadian medications, or other tempting offers for your inboxes. Until, that is, my new address is discovered.

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Blogger amy7252 said . . .

What, no offers for incredibly cheap drugs and software? (Delivered right to your home in Ann Arbor, of course.)    

10:38 PM, March 16, 2006

Blogger Karla said . . .

Yeah, your spam is so much more educational than mine. Refinance my mortgage, bah.    

11:57 PM, March 16, 2006

Anonymous Joe W. said . . .

Gee, so what's wrong with me? I just get a bunch of Viagra and penis enhancer e-mails.    

1:32 AM, March 17, 2006

Blogger Karla said . . .

Well, I just haven't figured out who to forward my Viagra and penis-enhancer spam to.    

3:56 PM, March 17, 2006

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