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Weave Soundpainting Orchestra

The Weave Soundpainting Orchestra is an avant-garde musical ensemble that started performing in the Chicago area last year. It is conducted by Sarah Weaver (a friend colleague). They have just launched a new collaborative series with Pauline Oliveros and the Deep Listening Institute, which promises to be a great opportunity for the group. If you have a chance, please go to the concert (info below) and let your friends in Chicago know!!

Sarah Weaver, Artistic Director

presents a New Production

from the Planetary Soundpaintings series, a collaboration with Deep Listening Institute, Ltd.

at Spareroom
2416 W. North Avenue, Chicago

Sunday March 5, 2006
$12/$10 students and seniors

Featuring Al Margolis, Guest Composer and Electronics
Sarah Weaver, Soundpainter
Jacob Worley-Hood, Assistant Soundpainter and Trumpet
Lisa Abbatomarco, Visual Artist and Actor
Cindy Huston, Dancer
Juliet Petrus, Voice
Justin Foster, Flute
Bryan Pardo, Saxophone
Marc Elzweig, Bass Clarinet
Rob Pleshar, Tuba
Matt Field, Guitar
Nick Sondy, Bass
Cindy Simone, Djembe
Shannon Morrow, Percussion

Weave Soundpainting Orchestra is excited to announce Mercury, the first in the series Planetary Soundpaintings, a two-year collaboration with Deep Listening Institute Ltd. (DLI) an international organization based in Kingston, New York, Pauline Oliveros, President. The series includes 10 productions, one per planet, with guest composers from DLI and visual/installation art by Lisa Abbatomarco. The culminating soundpainting, Earth, will feature the Deep Listening Band (Pauline Oliveros, Stuart Dempster, David Gamper) in March 2008.

Mercury features Al Margolis's drone loops and electronic expressions in tandem with Soundpainting (R) - the live composing sign language of over 750 gestures created by New York composer Walter Thompson for performers working in the medium of structured improvisation. The Mercury retrograde, a famed astrological event, shapes the high point of the production, reflected in the multi-level visual installation of Lisa Abbatomarco. A new sonic landscape follows, with soft bells displaced in time-based loops, which illuminates re-connection and renewed communication with Mercury.

Media Contact:
Jake Worley-Hood
(+01) 773 540-8074

More info:


Blogger P'tit-Loup said . . .

Too bad I am far away in California or I would definitely go!    

7:08 AM, March 02, 2006

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