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Two Compositions on the Subject of Dreams

For interested Prague residents, take note of the following information from Hubert:

Hubert Ho's "Two Vocal Compositions on the Subject of Dreams"

based on texts of Langston Hughes and Jiří Suchý
will be premiered on

evening of Monday, June 5, 2006

The composition is scored for mezzo-soprano, oboe, trumpet, and percussion consisting of congas and vibraphone. This set of poems was chosen for their concern on the subject of dreams, albeit in very different contexts. For Hughes, a major figure of the Harlem Renaissance, dreams deferred refer to life goals, desires in life, which when postponed, end up in destruction. Hughes is critical both of the individual and the society that doesn´t allow his dream to come to fruition. The musical setting is intended to capture the ironic twists and cynical flavor which pervades througout the poem. Suchý's poem is more simple in language and conception. Here I react to the poem by creating a
musical commentary which is at odds with the regularity of rhyme and meter in the text. These two

Composer Hubert Ho is currently an American Fulbright student at HAMU (Musical Academy of Performing Arts) studying under Professor Marek Kopelent. A former Presidential Scholar in the Arts, his works have been performed by ensembles such as the New York New Music Ensemble and the California EAR Unit, and in venues such as the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. Future projects include pieces for New York percussionist Russell Greenberg, Amsterdam-based American clarinettist Laura Carmichael, and the Bakersfield Symphony Chamber Music Series.

Mezzo-soprano Kristýna Valoušková was awarded the prestigious prize of the Fulbright grant, on the basis of which she in 1992-93 studied at the Peabody Conservatory of Music in the Baltimore, USA, with the reknowned American singer Phyllis Bryn-Julson. Due to her singing qualities she frequently interprets contemporary songs and cantata works - at the FORFEST 2004 festival she premiered a number of works by Israel composer Max Stern and by the American composer Daniel Kessner.

Trumpeter Ladislav Kozderka is one of the most sought after performers in Prague and is a member of the FOK and Narodni Opera orchestras among others. He is a member of the band ˇUz jsme domaˇand can be heard on their CD "Rybi Tuk."

Oboist Vladislav Borovka is a frequent interpreter of new music. He is a member of the Prague Philharmonia. In 1997 he was awarded second prize at the Chomutov Music Competition. In the fall of 1998 he received a scholarship to study at the Toho Gauken Orchestra Academy in Toyama, Japan. He graduated from HAMU, from the studio of Jiri Mihule.

Percussionist Junko Honda is another frequent interpreter of contemporary music. She performs with the Prague Philharmonia and with FOK among other orchestras. Recently she partook in the Krasa Dneska series held at Svandovo Divadlo, and has performed at the Ostrava Days New Music Festival. She graduated from HAMU, from the studio of Vladimir Vlasak.

Concert details:
Date and Time : Monday, June 5, 2006, 7:30pm (i.e., 19:30)
Place: Galerie, HAMU, Musical Academy, Malostranske Namesti 13
Sponsor: Katedra Skladby (Faculty of Composition) - HAMU
The program will also include works by other composers in the Faculty of Composition, HAMU (Academy of Music)

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