Hello, Stars and Stripes!

15 June 2007
Though I haven't been inspired to write here much lately, I do have a new project that involves sound media and thus I've assembled a podcast about Bush's recent visit to Prague during which he heard a song from the Czech Minister of Defense. Isn't it lovely how music bridges cultures?

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You can play it by clicking on the player above or access the .mp3 directly at http://odeo.com/show/13231103/1185530/download/HelloStarsAndStripes.mp3. (And not to brag, but despite the improvised tone, you should know that I recorded and mixed that live all in one take—look Ma, no editing! Sorry about the low volume on most of it. But hey, nobody's perfect. Oh, and yes I played some music off vinyl—thanks to George Szell and the Cleveland Orchestra for their rendition of the Sinfonietta.)

As I say, I'm not really adding anything here, just putting gathering together the music. Also, I think one of the things no one has mentioned is the rather significant possibility of parody—is it not possible that the Gagarin song was somehow making parallels between the Russians and Americans? Is not the new version a little too much to reflect the forthrightly simple sentiment it offers on the surface? To me, it seems like there is a lot of room for irony, and parody is a mode often employed in Czech humor. Just a thought, there.

Following is a list of links I refer to in the podcast:
*Voice of Europe's post
*Skriker's Gagarin post (listenable 1961 version)
*Radio Prague's piece
*Parkanova's CT24 interview
*Curda’s YouTube video (includes an entertaining debate about how people feel about the missile shield project in the Czech Republic; listenable new version)
*Improvised Vocal version at YouTube

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Radioheads ahoj!!

14 June 2007
I know I told some of you in Brno that I was interested in radio. Well, it's finally time to reveal my new summer hobby: being a DJ. I'm just learning, of course, and it's on a funky, experimental, and wonderful college station. If you want to listen in and hear some funky music, you can stream the show live from WCBN's website (click "Listen Live"). And of course, I always take requests via email (morskyjezek at g m a i l dot com, or you can call me with skype, or you can leave comments here!

The downside is that it's from 3-6 a.m. EST (GMT -0500) on Friday mornings. But if you live in Brno, it's perfect for you, because that's smack dab in the middle of Friday morning: 9-12 CET. So stop by and listen to me trying to fashion an on-air persona, not always successfully or completely awake. Live radio engineered just for you, with an improvised rotating playlist that I choose from, but always including a bit of Czech flair.

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Allied Media Conference 2007

13 June 2007
I know this is not accessible for many of the readers here, but in the interest of getting the word out, I wanted to spread the word about the Allied Media Conference, "Breaking Silence, Building Movements," a media conference being held in two weeks in Detroit!

The official material:
The 2007 AMC is coming to Detroit. Block off June 22-24 in your 2007 calendars for one of the most engaging and inspiring events that you will ever attend.

The 9th annual Allied Media Conference:
"Breaking Silence, Building Movements"
June 22-24, 2007
Detroit, MI

Because so many voices have been silenced by corporate media. Because media should be a tool for communication and transformation and not a commodity to passively consume. Because our stories have been misrepresented, misinterpreted, and straight up missing...

We need a participatory media movement to change the world.

Keep reading for more information, or go to www.amc2007.org.


It's getting louder and louder out there. Though much of humanity is still silenced, more people than ever are speaking out. Whether it be with high-tech tools like blogs, video cameras, and MPCs, or lo-fi tools like spray paint or the spoken word, people are voicing their truths and forging new connections. For eight years, the Allied Media Conference has contributed to that by providing hands-on trainings, accessible discussions, and a supportive community.

Now in its ninth year, the AMC will continue to provide a critical space for us to strategize on the role of media in our communities and movements. In a time of escalating war, and the daily violence of neoliberal policies, we need media that amplifies the voices of those most affected by these crises. We need media that not only breaks silence, but mobilizes people to envision alternatives and to take action.


The Allied Media Conference brings together a phenomenal cross-section of media workers: daring artists and filmmakers, ambitious radio producers, serious publishers, skilled web designers, and effective public policy advocates. It is organized by a team of activists in Detroit, supported by many local organizations and long-time conference participants.
Be a part of it at www.amc2007.org.

Hey you! Get at the AMC myspace:

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