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More Czech News: Are We Living in a Tabloid?

In the "Health and Lifestyle" section of Friday's (Dec. 2) MF Dnes I read the following:

Creative People are Successful in Sex

The connection [between creativity and sexual activity] is not just a rumor. According to new scientific research artists have twice as many sexual partners than less creative people.

It turns out later in the article that only heterosexual males are "creative people." "More success, more women" reads a subheading. This all brings up so many questions! What about non-artistic creative people? Or uncreative artists? Is the measure of sexual "success" indicated by the number of a partners? Does having sex with many partners raise your creativity?

Does this kind of thing appear more in Czech papers than elsewhere? Or do I notice it more?

The pull quote reads:
"Poets are sexually attractive, but also often depressive."


Blogger Karla said . . .

Well, of course we are living in a tabloid. You were in doubt about that?

More possibilities to contemplate:
1) artists, unlike priests, tell everyone everything (well, some artists, not Toyen, but she wasn't a heterosexual male)
2) artists have wild imaginations and can't tell fantasy from reality, or at least prefer that their listeners can't
3) heterosexual male artists are stuck on the late-19th-century notion of the lone male genius who spends all his time drinking and having sex with models and/or groupies
4) Czech artists are busy trying to outdo other Czechs sexually
5) or, maybe, creative people (heterosexual male or otherwise) are just more attractive in general and have countless admirers whether they deserve them or not.

The issue of creative people who aren't heterosexual males will be addressed elsewhere; for now we'll just ponder the difference between quantity and quality.    

7:55 PM, December 03, 2005

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